What is 'Nature-based Solutions'?

'Nature-based solutions' (NBS) is an approach that uses the power of natural processes in innovative ways to tackle socio-ecological challenges such as climate change and flood risk. Incorporating natural processes into design and construction leads to resilient and sustainable solutions that can adapt to changes in the environment. This results in integrated solutions which benefit society, biodiversity and the economy.

Nature-based Solutions are suitable for different environments including coasts, estuaries, cities, harbours, rivers and lakes.

System understanding is the key

System understanding is the key for succesful implemenation of Nature-based solutions in projects. In-depth knowledge about the physical system (biotic and a-biotic) as well as the socio-economic system en governance context is essential to identify potential win-win situations. Once these win-win situations are identified, a multidisciplinary team can work in close collaboration with stakeholders on a design which benefits society, biodiversity and economy.